Why Free?

A quick overview of the smart card

How does it work and how can you use it?

In the beginning, the smart card is an alternative to the traditional card. The smart card allows you to share all your information through a digital page that owns an account and you can modify your information whenever you want

Smart card features

The card that you are given by our website, is equipped with a chip. You can share your data just by touching any smart phone. For old devices, we have put a QR code on the smart card that allows you to share your information by reading the QR code.

How to modify the information

After completing the registration on the site, you will be given an account, and through the account you can easily modify your information and your information on the card will be updated instantly.

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Environment protection

6 million trees are destroyed every year to make 100 million business cards all over the world, By using smart card, you don’t need to make a large number of business cards, just one card is enough

Keep pace with development

Everything around us becomes digital. Take a step forward and start using the smart card
The card makes an impression with your customers‚Äč

The card makes a good impression at the interview when you use it

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