Why Free?

Why is Bisni free?

You might be surprised by the answer…

First and foremost, thank you for taking the moment to explore our story. We’re genuinely honored that you’re considering Bisni.

I’m Abdulrahman Turkmani, a dedicated entrepreneur at the heart of innovation. the brains behind Bisni. If you’d like a direct line to me, find my digital card here. Now, allow me to shed some light on:

Sustaining Bisni's Free Model

At its core, Bisni is free to ensure wide accessibility, promoting a green shift from paper to digital. We sustain ourselves through select partnerships and optional premium services, allowing us to serve you without compromise.

From Frustration to Innovation

Bisni emerged from observing the environmental impact and limited functionality of paper cards. Our solution? An innovative, eco-friendly digital card for a connected global community.

Our Mission and Your Part

Our goal is twofold: champion digital networking and protect the environment. By choosing Bisni, you’re not only networking smarter, but you’re also advocating for a greener planet.

Questions or Feedback?

Your insights are invaluable. Feel free to reach out directly at info@bisni.net, and together, let’s redefine professional connections.