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You do not need to download an application to share your information through Bisni. There are several ways to share files, including through NFC technology, which allows you to share information just as the card approaches the mobile phone, and we have also added a QR code to the card to share your information through the camera for older devices, as well as you can share a link of the card too.

Oh no! We’re sorry you’re encountering an issue. If you can’t find the answer on this FAQ page,  you can fill out a form on our Contact Us page or email us at support@bisni.net
We love hearing your comments; it’s how we make Bsini better! Please send your feedback to feedback@bisni.net, or fill out a form on our DashBoard there are FeedBack button.

If you found a bug, we’d love to fix it. Please contact support through:

Contact us at support@bisni.net


You can reset your password here.

You can create an unlimited number of digital cards.

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