Why Free?

User editing explanation

Only 3 minutes is enough to know everything about modifying and adding information in the digital card


vCard Management

You can go to the Vcard Mangemnt section through the sidebar and from there modify all the sections of the Vcard in the card

VCard Section

In this panel, you can create several cards. Each card has its own settings for modification. You can modify by pressing Edit

Edit button

From here, you can modify the information related to contacts, social media accounts, and the links. After modification, please do not forget to press the Submit button to save the settings.

Default account

If you have multiple cards, you can through this option you can make it default.

Colors Button

From this option, you can modify all the colors on the card from buttons and others

Preferences Button

From here, you can hide and show the buttons on the card

Content slides

These three options, you can add services or customer reviews, etc

About & Video

You can share a video from YouTube.

Translate Keywords

Simply this option allows you to translate all the words on the card, or you can modify them in the way you see fit